21st Century Venetian Glass Lighting Designs: 12 To Crave

The American designer Donghia had its beginnings as a textile house back in the 1970's, so perhaps it is fitting that it is now under the ownership of the Venetian textile company, Rubelli S.P.A. Not that Donghia's line is at all restricted to textiles, but perhaps more touches of the famed Venetian artistry in each of Donghia's lines.

The array of stunning hand blown Venetian glass lamps in the Donghia collection is one you'll notice. Glass, with its marvelous reflection qualities, works so well in lighting design, and the clear and brilliantly colored Donghia Venetian glass lamps, with their matching finials, are seductive in their eclectic elegance.

Here are 12 members of the Donghia Venetian glass lighting collection. Many lamps are shown without lampshades, so you can focus your attention on the glasswork.


1. Donghia Venetian Glass Torre Table Lamp




2. Donghia Venetian Glass Medusa Table Lamp




3. Donghia Venetian Glass Wabi Sabi Table Lamps

Wabi-sabi derives from the Buddhist philosophy that nothing is perfect, nothing is permanent, and nothing is complete. The simplicity, modesty, and often asymmetry of Japanese design and art is reflective of this philosophy.

The Wabi Sabi Bassa and Wabi Sabi Alta lamps are Donghia creations in limited edition works, hand-numbered 1 - 100. Each lamp is created with hand-drizzled ribbons of glass so each lamp is totally unique.




4. Donghia Venetian Glass Alba Table Lamp




5. Donghia Venetian Glass Serena Table Lamp




6 Donghia Venetian Glass Corda Table Lamp




7. Donghia Venetian Glass Luna Chandelier




8. Donghia Venetian Glass Increspato Table Lamp




9. Donghia Venetian Glass Piroetta Table Lamp and Piroetta Floor Lamp





10. Donghia Venetian Glass Carosello Table Lamp

A small scale table lamp, the tiny Venetian silver beads combine with the sweep of the hand-blown glass to look like sparkling sand carried in by the ocean. Also available with gold beads.




11. Donghia Venetian Glass Vaso Table Lamp




12. Donghia Venetian Glass Athena Collection Table Lamps

This photo shows the three members of the Donghia's Athena Collection, the Alta (at rear), a tall, sleek feminine form, the Bassa (middle), a petite version of the Alta, and the Fuissa (front) with a wider base and narrower taper at the neck.