The VersaGolfer Multi-Functional Tool Is The Perfect Accessory For Any Golfer

VersaGolfer Multi-Functional ToolVersaGolfer Multi-Functional Tool

Divot tool, ball marker, ball retreiver. These are just a few things you may want to have in your golf bag. With the VersaGolfer Multi-Functional Tool, you get all three of these things (and more) in one tool. Whether you're an avid golfer or you just like to do a little golfing while on vacation, the VersaGolfer is a great accessory to have in your golf bag.

The VersaGolfer is first a golf club stand. Often you can't take your golf cart straight up to your ball, so you have to grab a couple of clubs and walk to your ball. Grab the VersaGolfer as well, and you'll have a handy club stand that will keep you from having to toss your clubs on the ground. 

VersaGolfer As Ball RetreiverVersaGolfer As Ball Retreiver

The VersaGolfer is also a ball retriever. How many times have you hit your ball in the water? With the VersaGolfer, if you can see your ball, you can retrieve it (and maybe snag a few more practice balls while you're hanging around the water hazard). 

There is also a ball marker attached to the VersaGolfer. This is perfect if you're that guy who forgets to bring coins, and you have to use an old piece of gum to mark your ball's place. 

VersaGolfer As FlagVersaGolfer As Flag

You can also use the VersaGolfer as a practice flag. Set up this handy tool in your backyard or wherever you can find a patch of grass (maybe the median strip in a highway or the front lawn at your doctor's office), grab a club and practice your chip shot. 

Lastly, the VersaGolfer can be used as an elongated divot repair tool. If you're that golfer who leaves a trail of divots down the fairway on your way to the green, you may want to keep a divot repair tool handy.

With all of these functions, the VersaGolfer will certainly come in handy on your golf day, and $40 is a great price to pay for a tool with 5 functions (or more, depending on your imagination). If you think you need one in your golf bag, you can check out Amazon and order online. 

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