Versatile Wearable Tech: A Sheet of Paper That Doubles As a Scarf

 Appearances can be deceiving; we all know that. The Paper Scarf by Little Factory sure looks like a piece of paper and yet it is so much more. Besides providing warmth, this scarf goes even further. It acts like a piece of paper in the sense that the wearer can also write on it! This is thanks to the breathable and water-resistant fabric from which the scarf is made. Tyvek from Dupont is a material known  for its durability that is widely used for home insulation, medical packaging and as protective apparel for industrial workers.


The Paper Scarf: Source: Design-Milk.comThe Paper Scarf: Source:


The Paper Scarf

If your sense of adventure when it comes to accessory choices takes you beyond the realm of the conventional, and scarves made of wool, silk and cashmere are simply too boring, consider wearing a piece of paper around your neck. Well, it isn't really; it just looks that  way. The Paper Scarf greatly resembles a long sheet of note-paper with embroidered lines. To boot, you can even write or draw on it, which is certain to amaze onlookers, family, friends and asylum attendants.


The Paper Scarf Package: Source: Design-Milk.comThe Paper Scarf Package: Source:


The Paper Scarf comes with either blue or gray stitiching, which imitates the lines on a page of paper. Forget about wearing this scarf in freezing weather, but it will keep your neck warm enough in moderately cold temperatures.

Tyvek's unusual properties

Tyvek is flexible and sturdy, yet lightweight, water-resistant and breathable. It has the ability to become softer as you wear it and it keeps you warm to boot. Representative of selective barrier technology, Tyvek was invented in 1955. This new dimension of protection, security and safety has permeated a wide array of industries including fashion. There is no material anywhere similar to Tyvek in terms of its unique balance of properties. Comprised of very fine, hgh-density polyethylene fibers, this tear and abrasion-resistant substance offers all the best characteristics of paper, film and fabric in one textile.


The Paper Scarf-Rolled: Source: Design-Boom.comThe Paper Scarf-Rolled: Source:


 The phenomenon of wearable tech is wide open and clever entrepreneurs are expanding their horizons and using their talents to push that creative envelope to new and unexplored territory. There is and always will be room in the world of inventors for those who dare to think outside that proverbial box. Imagination is the fuel that makes for great ideas.

 Closing thoughts on scarves:

A scarf, a scarf. My wardrobe for a scarf! ~ Anonymous