Small Bathroom? Make It Vertical With Vertabrae®

If you live in an apartment or older home, your bathroom is probably hurting for space. A sink, a shower stall, and a toilet in your bathroom leave but a few extra square feet to turn around.

You could enlarge the bathroom at the expense of reducing your bedroom? Or...

I know! Get a vertical bathroom! The new Vertebrae®, by Paul Hernon of Design Odyssey Ltd, was made to let you do more with less space (but watch your money).

This stylish aluminum sculpture of seven stacked modules that rotate from the center "spinal column," has every basic item you need in a bathroom, plus it leaves you some room to bend down to touch your toes without hitting your head on the way up.

With a toilet, sink and two shower modules (one for children), the Vertibrae gives most of the space in your bathroom right back to you. And the Vertebrae even provides some storage space for shower, bath, shaving, and cosmetic products right along the column. Cleaning supplies and your favorite toilet paper... in the cupboards under the toilet seat. Really smart design!

The Vertebrae fits into any room that the plumbing goes to. It can be installed in a corner of a room or in the center, but corner installation will limit the pivoting ability of the Vertebrae modules to 100 degree rotation, whereas center placement of the Vertebrae will allow up to 200 degrees of rotation -- better for use by two persons at a time.



A few closeups of the fixtures...





Currently the basic model of the Vertebrae, shown in this column, goes for about £10,000, but you can order it in one of hundreds of matt, semi-gloss, and gloss colors. The "luxury" version of the Vertebrae will have a mirror and a television on the outside of the cistern (tank) module.

via Le Blog Deco, source Design Odyssey Limited





Sep 29, 2008
by Anonymous

So to use this, the entire

So to use this, the entire room basically has to be built like a shower (as in the floor needs a drain, and needs to be curved to allow draining, plus any necessary water proofing)?

Sep 29, 2008
by Anonymous

Cool idea.

So what if the bathroom needs to be built like a shower stall. You wouldn't need such a large bathroom with this set up. In some foreign countries, that's how bathrooms are built. it makes it much easier to clean a bathroom because you can pretty much just spray the entire room down.

Sep 30, 2008
by Anonymous

I'm not sure.

It is a great idea, but the average person who has a small bathroom and needs something like this has a small bathroom because they have a small house, because they cant afford a bigger one. With a listing price of 10,000 pounds, how many people with that kind of money will actually be in the market for such a creation or the luxury model?

Sep 30, 2008
by Anonymous

I did not know that some

I did not know that some countries build the entire bathroom like a shower. I guess the point I was getting at was between the device's cost and specifically building the bathroom like a shower, couldn't you just get a house/apartment/whatever with a nonsmall bathroom?

Oct 2, 2008
by Anonymous


This arrangement would be perfect answer for any workshop or light industrial facility to maximize wasted space found in such environments.