A Very Potter Christmas – The Hogwarts LEGO Game

From building block masters LEGO comes a Harry Potter board game that must be built to be believed. 


With LEGO Harry Potter items already on the marketplace including just about every character and locale in the books, you might wonder how LEGO could go any further with Potter mania.


Enter the LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts game, which combines the fun of a board game with the tactile awesomeness of playing with LEGO.


Before the game can begin, players must build the small-scale model of Hogwarts, allowing them to have a surface for their players to work with. The game comes with Harry, Ron, Hermione, Malfoy and Dumbledore LEGO characters, and creating the board isn’t overly difficult – just fun.


It’s in the creation of the board that the game really shines. While it comes with an instruction booklet – the idea is to race around the castle gathering four different types of homework – how you build the game can has an influence on how you play. By changing how the game board is built, players can change how they play the game and how difficult it is.

Harry Potter: LEGO, Hogwarts castle and a boardgame - what could be better?Harry Potter: LEGO, Hogwarts castle and a boardgame - what could be better?


A good portion of the game centers around the “moving staircase” mechanic so popular at Hogwarts in both the books and movies, and depending on how this is used, the game can be made significantly easier or more difficult.


Reviews on the LEGO Web site are overwhelmingly positive, with players of all ages happy with not only the detail of the game but the level of fun that it offers. Perusing the comments about the experience reveal players from 5 to 50 enjoying the LEGO Hogwarts board game, though it is recommended for those over 8.


Sure to be a hit for boys and girls alike for Christmas 2010, the LEGO Harry Potter board game is available for $39.99. You can also add Hogwart's castle for added fun.


Source: LEGO


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