A Very Smart Do-It-Yourself iPhone 4 Tripod Mount (Video)

iPhone 4 Tripod Mount by J.T. Subota: ©J.T. SubotaiPhone 4 Tripod Mount by J.T. Subota: ©J.T. Subota

Only the steadiest of hands can handle the photographic capabilities of their cellular or smart phones well - and that speaks for still photography.  But when it comes to video photography, you have to ask your viewers to bring their own sick bags to the show....

Video professor J T Subota has created a welcome and inexpensive method of mounting an iPhone 4 to your tripod for professional results.  You can easily adapt this method to other wireless phones and other iPhone models.

Subota found that his video students were having difficulty finding a tripod for their iPhones that were both sturdy and inexpensive, so he designed one for them.  All that's needed is a a stainless steel stamping plate, a couple of strong friction suction cups, a rubber washer, thumb nut, screws and screws and screw caps.  The method is all described here in this video by StreamlineSumo.



Subota shares his tripod mounting techniques with everyone through the website Instructables, where you can learn how to make the most unbelievably cool do-it-yourself projects.