Vespa My Segway: Bel & Bel's Zero Scooter Adds Italian Style To Geek Travel

The Zero Scooter from Bel & Bel combines a Segway with a Vespa to create the oddest two-wheeled personal transport anyone's ever seen. This extremely cool makeover of Dean Kamen's geek icon just might be the coolest & cutest thing on two wheels.

Credit Catalonian design house Bel & Bel with bringing this jaw-dropping reboot of the classic Italian Vespa scooter to life. Working from the Segway PT, the now well-known self-balancing, battery-powered electric vehicle first introduced in 2001, Bel & Bel adapt original Vespa parts acquired from Piaggio & Co. SpA (Vespa's manufacturer since 1946) to the far-different dimensions and functional requirements of the Segway.

The result is the Zero Scooter, a vehicle that can carry up to 180 kg (397 lbs) and can climb slopes as steep as 30 degrees. The stylish two-wheeler is powered by twin 1.34 hp electric motors. Fully charged, this sleek and stylish Segway on steroids offers drivers a range of 30-35 km (18.6-21.7 miles) at speeds of up to 20 km/h (12.4 mph) on level pavement.

If a Zero Scooter is on your holiday shopping list, be advised that Bel & Bel makes every scooter to order and it can take an average of six weeks to complete one – plus shipping. If time isn't of the essence, feel free to peruse the MAXIHOBBY sales site and place an order online. Zero Scooters are sticker priced at €2,899 ($3,925) each. (via Motoblog)