VFiles and Studio XO: Innovative, Colorful Wearable Tech Collection

VFiles  is considered the name in digital fashion. Headquartered on Mercer Street in downtown New York City where it is often said anything can happen, this company is expanding its own in-house brand to include a strong emphasis on wearable technology. This step marks a collaboration with the fashion technology company, Studio XO. If this name sounds familiar, it is because they are the same folks behind some very edgy creations that include: Lady Gaga's flying dress, Azealia Banks' digital mermaid bra and interactive garments for Black Eyed Peas. The new line will be sold in VFiles stores and known as  VFILES_XO.


Digital Mermaid BraDigital Mermaid Bra
Studio XO

More on VFiles and Studio XO

VFiles  is a one-of-a-kind company because it is not founded on the idea of keeping up with trends. Its many users set the trends, which keeps the brand fresh and new at all times. It is always reinventing itself, making it a true initiative of the Fashion Internet Age. VFiles stays alive by buying from designers at wholesale prices and marking up the prices. It currently sells 70% of its clothes online, 30% in-store and is a break-even company.



Who is Julie Quay?

This Australian born SoulCycle instructor and mother of two has a heavy background in fashion. She worked at both the Australian and Japanese Vogue and spent five years as the executive director of avant-garde V Magazine. She also managed the studio of Steven Mesiel for seven years. Julie Quay founded VFiles in September of 2012. This company has  been funded by Quay and her husband to the tune of $4 million to date, but they are about to launch a $3 million equity financing round. V Magazine owns some stake in the company as well as some of its key employees.


V-Files Runway CollectionV-Files Runway Collection

London-based Studio XO  was founded by Nancy Tilbury and Benjamin Males and has gained a reputation by creating couture pieces for the rich and famous. Their latest focus, however, is to bring tech couture to the masses. According to Tilbury, fashion still hasn't caught up with the digital revolution and "the only real space where fashion has become digitalized is by brigning in e-commerce." Studo XO is a unique collective that unites fashion designers, engineers, material experts and product designers by blending their perspectives, ideas and expertise so that they inspire, fuel and balance each other out.

Some special features of this new line

Neither Julie Quay nor Studio XO are talking very much about this exciting new initiative, but Quay did state that it would involve  "color, an app and music." She went on to say: "Through tech we want to work on the emotional connections with what you wear and how you share that. The goal is to approach with a fashion sense and transform the brand in the coming year to one with a strong emphasis on wearable technology."

This new wearable tech line  may well revolutionize the way fashion is shown and worn in our everyday environments.

Time will tell on VFILES_XO.

In what ways do the clothes you wear reflect your emotions and personality?

Closing thoughts on fashion:
Fashion changes, but style endures. ~ Coco Chanel