Viagra May Now Be Used To Help Women

Viagra - Miracle Drug For Women?

Viagra has been used to help many men with sexual dysfunction problems, but now a study has shown that it may be useful to women that experience sexual problems while taking antidepressants.

A study published in the July 23/30 edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association said that up to 70% of men and women who are taking antidepressants for depression often experience sexual dysfunction.

Women taking these medications sometimes experience painful intercourse, loss of desire and lack of orgasm.

In the 8-week study, doctors gave 49 women Viagra and 49 other women a placebo. The women were told to have sexual activity at least once a week and to take the pill beforehand. Each time they took the pill, they didn't know whether it was Viagra or a placebo.

The average age of the women was 37 and the results showed that 72% of the women taking Viagra saw an improvement in their symptoms, compared to the 27% that took the placebo.

The little blue miracle pill didn't help everyone, though. Four women who were taking Viagra quit the study early because there were no changes at all. It also didn't relieve all the symptoms. While some women's ability to have orgasms improved, Viagra didn't boost their sex drive. Women were also more likely to report side effects of the pill, such as indigestion, hot flashes, visual problems and nasal congestion.

Source: Journal of the American Medical Association