Viagra-Infused Sheets Make Going To Bed Harder

They started as a joke, but a line of Viagra-infused sheets has proven very popular for Spanish designer Pep Torres.

Using nanotechnology, Pep placed the active ingredient in Viagra into the fibres of bedsheets after seeing a study detailing how businessmen in Germany were unable to rise to the occasion at home after long hours of work.

Pep and his team tested the sheets out with a number of willing individuals and couples, all of whom agreed that their minds and bodies were suitably...diverted...once they slid in-between the arousing bedroom fabric.

When an exhausted businessman, housewife or career woman sinks into bed, the Viagra infused into the sheet seeps into their skin and on into their bloodstream, provoking the typical (albeit substantial) reaction.

The Viagra Sheet: could make this a whole lot more interesting.The Viagra Sheet: could make this a whole lot more interesting. 

The invention was originally showcased at the 9th British Invention Show in July of 2009, but Pep has since received so many calls about the product that he has decided to begin production in earnest.

While we see the potential for problems along the lines of "please send an ambulance, it's been five hours and still won't go down", and an increase in "sick days" being taken by those who purchase these boundary-breaking bedsheets, the appeal of an "every once in a while" use is most certainly there.

Getting one set of these for any married couple shouldn't be a hard decision.


Source: The Sun 

Oct 21, 2010
by Spencer Lanoue

some people are gonna have a

some people are gonna have a hard time getting out of bed with these. could be a good way to keep the weekends interesting though haha