Vibrating Body-Piercing Jewelry: Great Idea?

In addition to a vibrating motor unit and housing for same, US Patent# 6865907 also known as the Vibrating Body-Piercing Jewelry invention also comes with a clamping device for holding the item onto the wearer’s body, a power source for operating the vibrating motor and an actuator for the unit (a device that performs in response to a signal from a computer). This 2005 invention is powered by a battery and operated by a small vibrating power unit.


Body piercing is an ancient art that has deep roots in specific cultures and traditions. In the modern world it is very popular among younger people who for whatever reason, find joy in piercing body parts not visible to others. Some of these very ‘ouchy’ areas include: the navel, nipples, penis, scrotum and other genital areas.

The vibrating, body-piercing jewelry is available in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes for aesthetic, amusement, and/or arousal purposes. It also comes with a clamping device and an attachment for adding chains and decorative accessories, should neon vibrations prove to provide not enough attention. Body piercing jewelry is also water-resistant and waterproof should colorful desires lie under the surf.

Down through the years, many inventors have created weird and unusual jewelry from unexpected materials and sources. Consider Amused and Bemused’s piece, “Weird Jewelry: My Idea of Inventive Art”, and Aditi Simai Tiwan’s article, “Innovative Cow Bone Jewelry.

Go figure.

Jan 10, 2009
by Cosetta
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