Video Cracks Code to Apple’s Innovation


Online MBA has a series of videos called "The One Minute MBA," which provides advice on a number of topics. The “3 Ways Apple Actually Innovates” is worth a look. It’s informative and brief (a little over a minute). Because Apple inspires hordes of devotees and plenty of detractors, it’s a fun video to watch.

“3 Ways Apple Actually Innovates,” is an overview of some of the tactics Apple Inc. has used to stay ahead of the competition by mostly waiting...and borrowing (gasp!). 

Here are the top three reasons the video cited:

1) They let others do the dirty work -- Fair enough, even plausible. One of the key points the video makes is that while other companies such as Sony, who came out with an early mp3 player stumble through their innovation, Apple watches on the sidelines, takes notes, and then commences to best the competition by doing it better than the competition.

2)   They wait for the dust to settle -- You can’t argue with this either. Especially when no one really remembers the Symbian by Nokia, which according to the video was the first smartphone to feature a touchscreen technology and a camera. The relevant point? Everyone remembers the first Apple iPhone in 2007, and everyone from Samsung and others have been mostly living in the shadow cast by the almighty iPhone.

3) When all else fails, they buy it -- The video points to a company called FingerWorks, a finger gesture operated keyboard, which Apple bought in 2005, two years before Apple’s iOS revolution took the world by the lapels and pushed mobile technology to what it is today.

Okay, sure, I just outlined all the points discussed in the video, but there’s a really cool whiteboard presentation with a pretty girl in glasses working her Sharpie in real time, that’s certainly worth watching (like watching a comic book artist at work). It lends an artistic cool to the video and best of all, it’s only a minute of your life.

See it here.