Video Game Coffee Table Offers a Big Cup Full of Entertainment

I've often thought about converting a room into a bar, complete with a beer tap, a nice little ‘fridge loaded with imports and cheap wine. A giant, flat-screen TV would adorn one wall.

And this would be resting comfortably against one wall, ready to satisfy all of my gaming needs.

The Arcade Mania Sit Down Arcade Machine contains over 150 arcade games! That's a ton of entertainment packed in one practical little coffee table.

The variety of games provided is staggering. Titles include such classics as Lode Runner (1 & 2), Karateka, Missile Command (a personal favorite), and Choplifter. A slew of sports games are available as well. Wanna play soccer? It's in the table. Wanna play hockey? In the table. Baseball? In the table. Long jump? Table.

The audio has been updated; now its digital, so you can hear the bones snap when doin' a smack down in Double Dragon. The graphics have been cleaned up as well; while not losing the 80's period charm, they are brighter and more defined. There's even a nifty "pause" button so you can go to the bathroom. And trust me, you will need it; this little machine has "beer friendly" written all over it.

Dual-sided button consoles allow for up to two players. I see some sort of drinking game evolving around this...

When purchasing, you may want to consider getting the stools as well. They sell separately and can only be obtained with the order of the table.

It's hard enough for me to get away from my Wii. If I had this thing in my house I'd never leave. Ever. I'd have to run an intravenous line from my beer tap (or coffee pot--it depends on what time of day it is) to my arm. They'd find my mummified remains, hand locked around the joystick while Araknoid flashes "Game Over" on the screen.

Not a bad way to go out, I suppose...

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