Video Game Hall of Fame: Plants vs. Zombies

Know your Zombies.

It's also important to know what you're up against so here's a closer look at the zombies that you will be encountering in the game. The first zombies that you will be facing are actually the weakest of the bunch and they're usually dead (or is it twice-dead?) after a few shots from your Peashooter. Eventually you will come across zombies that are tougher and harder to kill, like the Buckethead Zombie and the Football Zombie. Get ready to have a few wistful chuckles when you encounter the Disco Zombie (who resembles a well-known pop musician in the earlier versions of the game) as he dances up a storm and summons four Backup Dancer Zombies as he advances toward your house.

More ways get your Zombie fix!

After you finish the entire Adventure, get ready for more zombie fun with the other modes of gameplay that will be unlocked once you defeat Dr. Zomboss. Choose from a selection of Mini Games or get ready to do some quick thinking in the Puzzle mode. You will also become the caretaker of your very own Tree of Wisdom and become the proud owner of a Zen Garden so you can start growing your own seedlings for extra money. The game is peppered with small inside jokes and you will receive quite a handful of handwritten notes from the zombies along the way, like this one:

If you haven't played Plants vs. Zombies yet then I highly recommend that you drop whatever you're doing right now and get the game stat. It's an addictive game with wonderful graphics and well thought out features that make the game such a joy to play with–even the extras alone are worth getting the game!

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Mar 4, 2011
by Anonymous