Video Game Inspired Clothing By Mark Ecko: Halo Master Chief Hoodie

We all know someone who just can't seem to put down their Video Game controller, and Halo is one game that's creating addicts all over. For those who want to take their obsession with them even when they're not sitting at home in front of the TV, and what better way to do it than with gamer fashion?

Mark Ecko Gamer HoodieMark Ecko Gamer Hoodie

T-shirts, which are also part of the line are said and done, especially now with the Master Chief Hoodie from the Mark Ekho gamer line of clothing which just makes the typical novelty tees seem far less impressive. With the Master Chief Hoodie, you can bring the video game world into real life...just try not to blow anything up or shoot anyone, and if you're at risk of the line between imagination and reality becoming blurred, leave your hoodie at home.

Via: TrendHunter