'Video Memo' Digitally Updates 3M's Classic Paper Post-It Notes

Video Memo from Japan's Green House allows you to leave short video messages friends, family and/or co-coworkers can watch. With its 1.77-inch LCD screen and on-board CMOS camera, Video Memo is the 21st century's version of the Post-It Note.  

So you're in a rush to get to work, your spouse is still in the shower and you forgot to remind him or her that your mutual offspring needs to be picked up early from school... what to do? You could jot the message down on a yellow Post-It Note but hey, that's so aughties, oughties, noughties... umm, 2000s!

Now that we've managed to reach the twenty-first century, it's nice to see someone has finally “built a better mousetrap”, as it were, by digitally upgrading the ubiquitous paper Post-It Note. 3M's pale yellow wunderkind had a good run to be sure, having debuted way back in the early Eighties but all good things have to come to an end and Green House has chosen to do an end run around pen & paper messaging with Video Memo.

Now granted the Post-It Note retains the advantage of being disposable; Video Memo costs 2,980 yen (just under $40) so you don't really want to crumple it up and try for a 3-pointer into the nearest trashcan. Not tossing the message-bearer is environmentally friendly, however, and the er, 2010s are an environmentally friendly decade.

Here's how Video Memo works. The three buttons on a smile-shaped bar beneath Video Memo's LCD screen are for (left to right) Power, Record, and Play. Aim the screen at your face and hit “Record” - you have up to 30 seconds to leave your message. Slap it on the fridge door; its back is magnetized. The flashing LED indicates a message has been left for you; hit the Play button and let's enjoy remote nagging!

You can record around 100 messages in full color with sound on a fully-charged Video Memo before it needs recharging, which is done by connecting it to your PC or laptop computer via the included USB cable.

Stats? You want stats? Video Memo's LCD screen measures 1.77 inches (diagonally) and has a resolution of 160 by 128 pixels. The built-in speaker is rated at 0.3 watts and the M-JPEG (AVI) video recording system displays at 320 × 240 (18fps). Video Memo measures 68 x 63 ×11mm (2.72” tall by 2.52” wide by 0.44” thick) and is available in your choice of white, green or orange... sorry, no pale yellow.

Update: U.S.'s version of the video memo can be seen here and here.

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Nov 16, 2011
by Anonymous

It will be interesting...

...to see how this will be hacked...