Video Screens Are Bigger In Dallas

The Dallas Cowboys have big aspirations for next year, and they have nothing to do with the team. In the drawing of the football team’s new stadium , situated high above the field is what is expected to be the largest video screen in the world.

The stadium has now clinched the title of owning the world’s largest high definition television display. The previous holder, Tokyo’s horseracing track, had a Mitsubishi high definition video screen that was 218 feet wide and 37 feet tall. The Cowboy’s new stadium dethroned that record with a screen 180 feet wide and 50 feet tall. The screen is said to run from one 20-yard line to the other.

But the venue will also hold another record as it will become the largest domed stadium in the world. The stadium is planned to be completed by 2009 which is good news for the residents of Dallas and Cowboys fans alike. Now if only the football team can succeed to such great heights.