New Internet Umbrellas Can Play Your Videos

Ready to upgrade from your small black umbrella that fits in your briefcase or your big green and white striped golf umbrella?

I bet that umbrella you carry completely fulfills the needs you have for an umbrella; keeping you dry. But can your umbrella play videos, or does it have built in cameras or what about GPS or being able to connect to Google Earth?

Well, the time has come. Check out Pileus . This umbrella is connected to the internet and has a large screen on the surface, a built in camera, motion sensor, GPS system ad has a digital compass.

Who would have ever thought you would be able to check the weather on your walk to work?




















A user, the umbrella carrier of course, can take photos with a camera on the umbrella, and pictures are uploaded to Flickr in two minutes via a wireless Internet connection.

You can also entertain yourself watching photo streams downloaded from Flickr and video streams from YouTube with simple operation of wrist snapping.

The good news for marketers?

Soon enough you will be able to get advertising on your walk through the rain.

Amy Gifford
Featured Blogger

Jul 15, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

I got a sore neck

just reading this.  Why would anyone want to watch a video under an umbrella?  I think I'd rather hold a Therapy Buddy.

Jul 16, 2007
by Tim Chen (not verified)

American don't use umbrella that must

as Tokyo residents do.

Americans drive, then use cap, hood more than unbrella.

Tokyo resident rides subway, then walk some distance to home/work...

I would image this is somewhat useful.... if connect to a iPhone or some other smart phone to serve as display