Video of the Visualeyes Rayzer

Back in December, got a tip about a new product to help with nighttime driving. At the time it was still being developed and a limited amount of information was available. Now, the Visualeyes Rayzer is being produced and will be available for purchase by April.

As from before, installing the light system is simple and doesn't require any professional input. They case mounts securely behind the rear-view mirror, so your field of view is not affected.

Being inside the vehicle eliminates the chances of damage and theft, and it doesn't affect your cars aerodynamics. It also allows for a more optimum placement of the light beam.

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When they are available, the entire kit can be purchased for $1270. A transmitter, powercord, cigarette lighter hub and docking station are also included with your purchase. Can't wait for some reviews.

Source : Visualeyes

Mar 19, 2008
by Anonymous

Isn't this idiotic?

This will simply blind drivers coming the opposite direction just like high beams...and this is innovative becouse?!?

Apr 28, 2008
by Anonymous

No it won´t. Pls read all

No it won´t. Pls read all about it before posting, thank you. It´s innovative because 1) Mounted inside the car (no theft, no clogging/dust - simply use the windshield wipers) 2) no interference with the cars arodynamics as traditional ones 3) Mounted high as compared to traditional ones which give a much better visibility & range.
The only negative about it is the somewhat hefty price-tag. Perhaps it will get better in time?