VideoMask 310 - Take Pictures and Videos Under the Sea

The VideoMask 310, by Liquid Image, was recently unveiled at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  The new product includes a 5 Megapixel waterproof camera with 16MB Nand flash internal memory.   Not only can you take great photographs to a depth of 33 feet, you can also shoot video underwater too!  But wait, there's more.  The VideoMask  is equipped with an  underwater microphone for sound and there is a flashlight mount, just in case you need one.

Liquid Image VideoMask 310Liquid Image VideoMask 310

The black and red mask has a LED indicator located inside the mask and the eyepieces are made out of tempered glass. There is a Micro SD/SDHC card slot for up to 8 GB of additional storage and a USB port.  Just plug the mask into your computer with the USB cable and download the pictures and video to your hard drive.

Liquid Image VideoMask 310Liquid Image VideoMask 310

The Liquid Image VideoMask 310 waterproof camera is expected to retail for $159 and will be out in the spring.  A USB cable is included in the package and the product requires two AAA batteries.

So whether you are planning a fabulous snorkeling adventure or plan to swim with those plastic sharks in your backyard pool, you'll never miss out on another perfect shot again with the VideoMask 310 from Liquid Image.

Sources and Photos:  CES and Liquid Image



Apr 14, 2009
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