ViewRanger Turns Your Device Into A Backcountry Navigation Center

ViewRanger AppViewRanger App

Planning a camping trip? A hike? Need a GPS? No need to spend hours researching GPS devices and hundreds of dollars on the device itself, when you can just download an app. The ViewRanger app can be downloaded onto your smartphone or device, and it turns that device into a back country guide.

ViewRanger MapsViewRanger Maps

There are a lot of apps for your smart phone or device that can find you on a map, get you to your dinner date or help you navigate to your vacation destination. The ViewRanger app takes the GPS experience to another level. First of all, it gives you unlimited access to a lot of maps, like OpenStreetMap, OpenCycleMap and Bing Aerial imagery. OpenStreetMap gives you street layouts and OpenCycleMapgives you rural topographic information.

ViewRanger GPS NavigationViewRanger GPS Navigation

With ViewRanger, you can also download advanced topographic maps--maps that will get you through the back country. The app, of course, offers basic GPS features, like recording a track of your trip, viewing your stats and locating a map reference, and it offers advanced features like plotting a route, marking a point of interest and active way point navigation.

You also get interactive location sharing, social media integration and are able to store and save your adventures. ViewRanger also has a website where you can see all of your stored adventures and trips. You get all of this for free (all but the advanced topo maps), so if you're planning a camping or hiking trip, you may want to try this app. Search for it in your device's app store or check out the ViewRanger website for more information.