Viewsonic Portable Media Players Offer Larger Screen For Better Viewing

I enjoy having things to do while traveling.  I don't mean stuff for while I'm at my destination.  There's generally lots of snorkeling, eating, and drinking going on upon arrival.  I mean while in transit.  If I'm not driving (or keeping the driver company) I'm bored to tears.  Books hold my attention for a while.  Then there's sleep...  And music-though that just bores me because it activates my mind and then I have nothing to do.

I'll sometimes turn to my PSP for some game time or a movie.  I'm cool with the games... but sometimes I find the screen for the movies a tad too small, particularly if I'm bumping around on a plane.

But it looks like ViewSonic may cure this issue with the advent of the View Show VDP500.

Sporting a 5 inch display and 16GB of internal memory, this portable media player has a slightly larger screen for my viewing pleasure.

ViewSonic is also releasing the View Show VDP400, with 8GB of memory.  This device is impressive as well, but it won't help me with my screen size.  With a 4.3 inch display, it matches my PSP.  Screen size aside, both units offer a wide range of features.

Micro SDHC card slots allow memory expansion up to a whopping additional 32GB.  Battery time is quite nice as well, allowing for up to 4 hours of video playback or 15 hours of music.

Both players come in black, white, or pinkBoth players come in black, white, or pink

You can also plug these units into a TV (though if you're on vacation, I would hope this little video player would be settled comfortably in your luggage) with a resolution of 720p.  Multiple video file formats are supported, including AVI, FLV, MOV, Real Media, DAT, MPEG, and more.  Audio formats include MP3, WAV, WMA, APE, and FLAC.

And you can, of course, view static image files in JPEG, BMP, PNG, and GIF.

Files can be transferred via USB from Mac or PC.

The View Show VDP500 and VDP400 are supposed to debut in August 2009 in Asia, with a launch in Europe and the USA later in the year.

I'm looking forward to checking this out on my next trip.  With luck it has duel headphones, so I can share the movie of choice with my girlfriend.  I hope I'm the one to choose the flick, however.  I can't take The Sound of Music again...

Source: Pocket Lint, ViewSonic