Viewsonic's New Monitor Response Time Approaches Zero Milliseconds – Physicists Everywhere Concerned

On May 6th, 2010, Viewsonic, the oddly-named visual device manufacturer, announced the release of its new monitor, the VX2739wm. Although its name couldn't be more cryptic – something like "The Cheetah" would have been easier to remember – it boasts a 1ms response time. For gamers and geeks alike, that's a very good thing.

As LCD television and monitors have advanced, they've gotten a great deal better at two things. The first is contrast ratio, or the difference between the whitest white and the darkest dark the television or monitor is able to produce. When LCD monitors and TVs first appeared on the market, their contrast ratios were abysmal, with many in the nature of 400:1. Old CRT televisions, along with plasma TVs, easily beat these low numbers, and LCD televisions always seemed not quite dark enough, no matter the situation. Deepest night became a sort of pale grey rather than endless black. Newer LCD technology has almost solved this problem, bringing them in line with plasma and CRT.

The second improvement in LCD devices has been in response time. This is the time it takes for the device to refresh the image on the screen. The lower the response time, the less ghosting and other visual noise that will result. Anything under 10ms is generally considered to be acceptable for gaming, and anything under 5ms is great.  This is especially important for anyone playing an FPS or watching a Michael Bay movie. Explosions!!!!! 

The new monitor from Viewsonic boasts not only a 100,000:1 contrast ratio, but a response time of 1ms. This is ridiculously fast and should, ideally, make for the perfect watching or gaming experience. In addition, the VX2739wm measures up at a staggering 27" widescreen and displays in 1080p.

Viewsonic VX2739wm: Explosions!!Viewsonic VX2739wm: Explosions!!

 There's no guarantee this thing is perfect, as every company has its own ways of measuring both contrast and response time, but it's still an impressive effort by the company, and is another step closer to completely wiping out the last vestiges of the CRT television scourge on our fair world.

The monitor is priced at $349 US and is now available at Amazon.

Source: Tweak Town