VIGATAR: Exercise Machine And Video Game Controller

Playing Video Games With VIGATARPlaying Video Games With VIGATAR

More and more kids are forfeiting active play for sedentary play, like playing video games. More and more we're seeing overweight and obese kids, and that's partly due to the increase in inactivity. VIGATAR is a machine that will allow kids (and adults) to play video games while still being active. It is an exercise machine that doubles as a video game controller.

This exercise machine/video game controller isn't just for the kids. Adults looking to make their fitness routine a little less boring can use VIGATAR as well. This exercise machine could be a great piece of equipment to get the whole family into fitness.


With VIGATAR, you're not just using your hands and fingers to control a video game. You have to use your entire body. All you do is plug in the USB cable, select a game on your PC (VIGATAR is designed for use on PCs only right now) and start playing by cycling and moving the handlebars. From Formula 1 racing to killing zombies, you and your kids can enjoy your favorite PC games and stay in shape.

VIGATAR is still in its developmental stages, but you can pre-order your own on their Kickstarter page (also find more information about the product there). The recommended price for this unit is 499 Euros, but the first 20 backers can pre-order theirs for only 199 Euros (that works out to about $270). The next 480 units will go for reduced prices as well, so if you're into fitness and want to support a product that could improve the health of our youth, pre-order a VIGATAR.