Vintage Jukebox Clutch Is Retro-Chic

Marching to the beat of your own drum is a whole lot easier when you can take music with you. These days, portable music players take a minimalist approach, and just don't act like fashion accessories in the ways that they once did. So, it is pretty great that one designer has come up with a quirky yet chic solution to this.

Charlotte Olympia has a vintage jukebox bag design in her 2014 Spring collection. If brings back the old 80's/90's boom box trend that I know you all miss so much. This is a much more acceptable way for you to revisit this approach to accessorizing, and you won't even get ticketed for disturbing the peace. Though, some may say the fashion police will be after you instead.

But, let's get back to discussing the design. It is a red and white vintage jukebox purse with a chain strap. The look doesn't resemble a 70's diner jukebox, as immediately comes to mind. Instead, it's got a chic, classic look that you might have found at an upscale establishment with a dance floor. Carry this bag with a flapper style dress, and a long (electronic) cigarette to pull off a timely look that Jay Gatsby would be proud of.

If you regularly follow this column, then you know that I don't typically cover items that can be more traditionally labelled as "fashion" - off the wall wearable items are higher on my radar. But, this vintage jukebox purse is just as fun as it is classy, and it comes from a real designer; not a novelty shop!

Via: TrendHunter