Vintage Cartoon Corset: Whimsical Super Mario Fashion For Women

It doesn't matter which generation you belong to, at some stage, you've probably had a brief love affair with Super Mario when playing on Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64 or Nintendo Wii. You might want to show your love through fashion, but cartoon clothing featuring Mario has primarily been made for men, until now.

Vintage Cartoon CorsetVintage Cartoon Corset

Super Mario FashionSuper Mario Fashion

This vintage cartoon corset is made by Vintage Doctor (on Etsy) and is designed with women in mind! It's brightly colored and whimsical, right out of your favorite video game. Ok, so you might be boldly revealing your inner video game geek by stepping out in this funky fashion, but that's a sacrifice that you'll just have to make, because this unique and bold vintage-inspired corset is too cool to pass up.  Obviously someone else agreed, because this one of a kind piece that was available from Vintage Doctor has already been snatched up!

Cartoon CorsetCartoon Corset

Via: Walyou