Vintage Swetz-A-Lot Clothing: Solving B.O. With Fashion Choices

Before his death, eccentric clothing designer Barney Dorcus had a dream. His dream wasn't to create a fashion line which would appear at the hottest world runway shows; it wasn't to see his clothing line picked up by all the high-end retailers; it was to create fashion that was sweat proof.

According to his biography, Dorcus had an issue with sweat and his clothing just couldn't sustain the effects of the vigorous perspiration and odor. Not only was this hard for him to tolerate, but he also wanted to do the favor to those around him so they wouldn't have to deal with his sweat induced odor. He used a similar material used to keep odor out of gas masks and translated this to a fabric that would keep the odor in the clothing.

The Swetz-A-Lot clothing was apparently a big next time you're snooping through the racks of clothing at a vintage or second hand store, keep your eyes open for the Dorcus clothing line. It may be vintage fashion, but it solves a dilemma that is still a modern problem today.