V.I.O. Action Cam Goes 1080p

Okay all you directors of POV skiing, mountain biking and other outdoor adventure sports, you're holiday wish list just got a little longer. Actually, it may be shorter, because good luck in convincing someone to buy you the most expensive action cam on the market and other gifts. Either way, you'll probably want to put the new V.I.O. POV HD on your list. The recently launched camera adds full 1080p HD (30 fps) recording capabilities to V.I.O.'s unique design. 


I wasn't quite as familiar with VIO (I'm done with the extra periods as of now) as I was with other leading cam companies before reading about this cam (probably because they cost two or three times the competitors). But what I've come to learn distinguishes its line is a two-piece design that takes much of the weight off your head and puts more control into your hands. Other headcams integrate both the recorder and camera into one housing that's worn on your head. VIO splits those two components into a small, lightweight camera lens and a separate video recorder that you put into your pocket. Not only does this take some weight and bulk off the helmet, but it also helps to eliminate some of the shakiness of other cams, according to the company. 

Other features of the POV HD include a 142-degree wide lens, four recording modes, a 2-inch LCD screen for in-the-field playback and a wireless remote control. As I alluded to, the camera ain't cheap: retail price is $599.95. VIO launched the POV HD earlier this month and it's available for pre-order here.

So now you have more options than ever when it comes to HD action cams. Last year saw the introduction of the GoPro HD Hero and Contour (formerly VholdR) HD. And this year we've seen the all-new GoBandit GPS cam, the Oregon Scientific ATC9K and now the VIO. There's simply no excuse for inferior sports footage. 

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