Virtual DVD Dinner Dates Satisfy Japan's Lonely, Hungry Geeks

Loneliness and shyness seem to be serious issues for many Japanese guys, but fear not: a series of 3 self-help DVDs is here to save the day. Microwave up a frozen Swanson entree, pull up a ratty sofa and pop in a disc, hungry Otaku, your virtual dinner dream date awaits! 

The virtual dinner series from Japan's K-Network aims to offer lonely guys lessons in dinner date etiquette in the privacy of their homes... or Mom's basement, as the case may be. Officially titled “Oshokuji no Jikan” (素人・THEお食事の時間~私といっしょに食べようよ~) or roughly, “Meal Time with Me”, the series features a variety of everyday-type attractive women enjoying a meal and making small talk at the camera, er, at the viewer.

The view is face-to-face, as if you were really sharing a tabletop with the sweet young thing. Fortunately you won't have to pick up the check later, but unfortunately she won't be inviting you up for “coffee” even more later. You win some, you lose some.

The idea behind these curious DVDs is to provide a safe, non-threatening environment where those whose self esteem and social skills can get a bit of practice. Why the creative types at K-Network thought the concept needed to be extended to three DVDs is beyond me... maybe the first two were huge sellers? If that's true, then Japan is in even worse trouble than it already is.

Each “Meal Time with Me” DVD is about an hour long and each one features up to five different dinner dates for your virtual dining pleasure. The young ladies are seen enjoying a variety of different foods (maybe they were paid in food?) while pretending to pay attention to you, their unseen companion. Guys who are used to having attractive women pretend to pay attention to them will feel right at home.

According to the marketing blurb splashed across each DVD's cover, “you no longer have to eat alone”. Well, yeah, but that was the case before they bought the DVDs, amiright? Plus, it's not as if they're not alone while they watch the DVD so why rub it in, K-Network? Harsh. Lastly, not having to eat alone isn't all it's cracked up to be... just ask any prisoner. (via Japan Sugoi and The Citrus Report)