Visibility and Cycling Safety: Smart Lumenus Apparel Offers Both

An old Patsy Cline song spoke of "walking after midnight" which is cool and even poetic, but the reality is that those among us who dare to walk or ride a bike after darkness falls can be risking their very lives if they are not properly equipped. Lack of visibility is one of the leading causes of pedestrian and cyclist fatalities in the United States. Other factors, such as road and weather conditions, come into play as well, but equipping riders and hikers with the proper safety apparel  is one pro-active measure that can greatly help to reduce the odds.

Lumenus Outerwear

Lumenus outerwear is a performance lifestyle wearable technology brand, which represents a collaboration  between accessories maker, Outdoor Tech  and  designer, entrepreneur and outdoor enthusiast, Jeremy Wall. Although still in pre-launch mode, Lumenus is destined to become the next wave of smart clothing and  wearable technology products. It promises more visibility to bikers and pedestrians than any other product on the market today. The line includes two jackets, a vest and a backpack embedded with customizable LEDS, which the wearer can illuminate when desired.


Lumenus JacketLumenus Jacket

Jeremy Wall and Outdoor Tech

A young man of extreme passion and accomplishment, Jeremy Wall is a modern explorer always open to discovering and developing new skills and technologies as they apply to industry, business and product development. His love for the outdoors is at the crux of all his creative efforts.

Los Angeles-based  Outdoor Tech caters to mobile technology and the dynamic needs of combining a modern lifestyle with the desire to enjoy the great outdoors. Unspoken is the need for humans to connect with one another but still be free to roam at will. Space for this innovative company is defined not by that which confines them but rather by the unlimited, eternal boundaries of personal imagination and inspiration.


Lumenus BackpackLumenus Backpack


Some special features of Lumenus apparel

The idea behind Lumenus outdoor gear is ultimate safet, as retro-reflective clothing can render bycyclists more visible at night. The practical and fashionable garments are equipped with both Android and IOS. The water-proof garments are powered by batteries that can last up to one full day and the LEDs, when coupled with a GPS and a mapping technique, can be configured to function automatically.

Lumenus garments are made with some of the highest end performance textiles on the market today. Their ZeroUI Bluetooth Low Energy and washable LED system makes then practical as well as ultra cool.

Kickstarter and the future of Lumenus

The company has launched a Kickstarter campaign  with a  goal of $54,000 to boost production. These special garments are slated for shipment in June of 2016.

Be safe when you ride your bike at night and why not be cool too?

Do you see 'safety-related apparel' as a continuing trend or a flash-in-the-pan?

A bycycle does get you there and more. And there is always the thin edge of danger to keep you alert and comfortably apprehensive. Dogs become dogs again and snap at your raincoat; potholes become personal. And getting there is all the fun. ~ Bill Emerson