VisionTek's Pocket SSD Offers Un-USB Drive-Like Performance


250MB/s not enough for you? Typical USB 3.0 flash drives may be fast, but for those who, for whatever reason, need more speed, VisionTek has come to deliver. Its Pocket SSDs are built on the architecture that many internal solid-state drives are based on – namely, a controller from Sandforce – allowing reads at up to 455MB/s and writes at up to 440MB/s.



Available in 120 and 240GB capacities, there's reasonable capacity for ISOs and videos. USB Attached SCSI support is available for systems that support it, and “aircraft-grade aluminum” protects the innards. Accordingly, the drives aren't pretty to look at, with green status LEDs and ribbed textures. For some, this will be a benefit.



Not surprisingly, you'll pay out the nose for VisionTek's Pocket SSDs. The 120 and 240GB variants go for around $100 and $175 USD, prices reminiscent of actual internal solid state drives. Normal 128GB flash drives go for around $40, but you'll be giving up a lot of speed, among other things, by choosing that route.

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