Leisurely Camping or All Out Survival: VitalStove Has You Covered


There's not many camping stoves on the market that can rightfully claim to be survival stoves. The SolHuma VitalStove is a rare specimen that holds this distinguished title as it was engineered for use by NGO's and governments for use in disaster-relief efforts. In fact, SolHuma isn't an outdoor sports company, but a provider of technology solutions for humanitarian relief efforts, so you know this stove has credibility. It's essentially a lifeline that will allow you to cook under severe circumstances anywhere. Of course, it will also boil up a leisurely cup of noodles as you enjoy the backcountry sunset. Your call. It provides this dutiful service while maintaining a marked environmentally-friendly approach to cooking.

VitalStove is a natural fuels-burning stove that can operate on any form of biomass. No need to carry those clunky, exhaustible fuel canisters around, use sticks, grass, paper, toe nails, animal dung--whatever you have available. Outside of biomass, all it takes is two AA batteries to fire this stove up and create 1200 degrees F and 20,000 BTU/Hr of cooking heat. That's double what many camp stoves put out. In fact, it provides so much heat, it can also serve as a heat source in case you can't get a fire going. If you happen to be trekking the Arctic tundra, the VitalStove operates efficiently down to -40 degrees C.  Expect around 35-40 hours of cooking before battery replacement is necessary.

Operation of the stove is quite simple: turn the fan on, put tinder into the fuel chamber, light it and the fan will blow air into the chamber intensifying the flames. Then you can put some wood or larger fuel onto the fire and you've got yourself a raging, yet contained, campfire for cooking. You can also adjust settings  to create a larger or smaller flame as needed.

Since it operates on biomass, the stove is more environmentally-friendly than traditional camp stoves that rely on such fuels as propane and white gas. It is also easier to transport and ship without worries of restricted fuels.

Though the VitalStove's weight of a pound and a half appears heavy at first, once you've factored in the lack of separate fuel canisters, it is actually quite lightweight. The stove also compacts down to just 8 inches in length, making it slim enough to pack easily.

VitalStove costs $69.00 and is available for purchase on SolHuma's website