Vmoto SCARTT Combines Off Road Utility with On Road Comfort

Off road vehicles are great for taking a scenic ride through the woods, but many are not very well suited for the road. They are also expensive to build and maintain if you plan on traversing places very few have seen. Vmoto hopes to solve both of these issues with their new SCARTT 500 ATV.

Designed to be driven both on and off the roads, the Vmoto SCARTT bridges the gap between a traditional ATV and a small SUV. A 500cc engine is connected to a three speed automatic transmission and can power either the rear wheels or all four.


The drivetrain can also be changed between high and low torque applications depending on the terrain you plan on encountering. Both the driver and passenger are protected by a roll cage directly behind the seats and an intuitive steering system helps to reduce the risk of a roll over.

The SCARTT can carry up to 330lbs in the rear cargo area and still be able to climb without any problems. Pricing for Vmoto's new ATV should be somewhere in the $10,000 to $12,000 range.

Diseno Art
Jul 3, 2009
by Anonymous


Great product!! seems very versatile. When will it be out in the NYC area??