The Voice Activated Crib Light Soothes Baby With Womb Sounds

Unfortunately for new parents, most babies take a while to get into a regular sleep pattern.  Aside from the feeding time wake-ups, there are plenty of other times when babies wake up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason.  This time before the baby learns to soothe him/herself back to sleep can be very trying for parents and for babies.

There are plenty of sound and movement type crib attachments to help lull babies off to sleep, but they usually require a button to be pushed to activate the sounds and motion.  This can sometimes work for older babies who know how to start the device and have the coordination to do so, but for small babies a parent must get up and turn the equipment on.  The Voice Activated Crib Light by Munchkin solves this dilemma.

The device turns on when it senses the baby’s cry and because it plays actual recorded womb sounds, babies usually find the sounds very comforting.  A soft light is also activated when the device comes on and allows for parents to see better when they do want to check in. (See Voice Activated Light)

Via: Munchkin

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