Volkswagen Unveils New Roadster

The 2009 Detroit Auto Show brought out many new concepts, many of which will never see production for reasons few will know. However, the Volkswagen BlueSport concept may be one of the few that is not doomed to remain a concept.

The most interesting thing about the new BlueSport concept is the choice of engine. A VW 2.0 liter TDI Turbo Diesel is stuffed under the hood, good for 178 horsepower and a tire melting 258 lb/ft of torque. That combined with a dry weight of 2,645lbs will launch the BlueSport from 0-60mph in about 6.2 seconds and push the needle to a top speed of about 140mph. All of that comes with a combined fuel economy of 50mpg.

Volkswagen is relying on the reaction from Detroit to help decide whether or not to put the BlueSport into production. Thankfully the reaction was very good. If the new Polo based VW does see production it will hit the dealerships sometime in 2011 with a sticker price of under $30,000.

It will likely pick up a few additional engine options along the way, with the 1.4 liter inline-4 and new 2.0 liter TSI engines being high on the list. Either way, for under $30,000 the VW BlueSport could very easily become the next roadster to explode onto the showroom floor.

Jan 28, 2009
by Anonymous

VW Roadster

I will wait until 2011 to upgrade from my Passat!