Volvo Interiors Will Now be Certified Allergy Friendly

For the men and women who suffer from allergies, simple things in life can be full of struggles. Medication can help, but depending on the severity of the allergy and how fast you metabolize things, they can wear off quickly. Volvo has taken a step to help these allergy sufferers, at least while they are driving anyway.

The idea began back in 1998 in the Volvo S80. It has since expanded to the complete model range and offers the some 35% - 40% of the population who deal with allergies a somewhat better driving experience.

The process starts by testing every individual piece of textile inside the cabin. Everything down the floor mats and even the seatbelts are examined. During the search, over 100 different substances are tested for and if any of them are above a certain level, the vehicle does not pass.

The certification comes from a company called Oeko-Tex, who provided the standard Volvo needed to meet to be certified allergy friendly. While this is a small step, it is comforting to know that some people out there are going the extra mile to make driving as comfortable as possible.

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