Volvo Trucks Saying 2020 Concept Closer to Production Than You Think

Volvo Trucks, not to be confused with Volvo Cars, recently released some details about the 2020 Truck Concept they have been working on over the past few months. While nearly all of the details were interesting, the most important piece on information was how soon the company thought they could get the concept on the road.

2020 Concept Interior2020 Concept Interior

According to Rikard Orell, the director of styling and design for Volvo Trucks, "Much of the technology in the Volvo Concept Truck 2020 is already available." The project was focused on finding ways to improve overall fuel economy, reduce emissions, and not impede traffic flow on the highways. The 2020 Concept seems to fit the bill pretty well.

The body of the concept was designed to keep drag at a bare minimum, as well as provide a windbreak to the trailer it would normally be hauling. Volvo was also able to include a system of back-up cameras that will project an image directly onto the screen when in reverse. These won't remove the need for rear-view mirrors, but they should be able to prevent a few mishaps.

One of the newer technologies still being developed by the company is an auto-pilot system that will be able to guide their vehicles, either alone or in a small convoy, across open highway at a speed of about 55mph. They believe this will serve to improve the efficiency of traffic in many places where large trucks are currently impeding the flow of vehicles.

2020 Concept Truck2020 Concept Truck

For the drivers of these high tech shipping workhorses, Volvo has been able to include more than a few comforts in the quarters section of the cab. A full sized futon sofa was placed behind the front seats, offering a comfortable place to relax if the driver or passenger needs a break from the front. When it's time to park for the night and get some sleep, the futon can fold out into a full sized bed.

Volvo Trucks hasn't released any official dates, but they have made it clear they will be working very hard on getting their 2020 Concept Truck into production as soon as possible.

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Jun 10, 2010
by Anonymous

Should Use Luigi Colani trucks

Volvo should use Luigi Colani trucks, concepted in 1977 BUT updated since & timelss with drag coefficent of 0.35

FYI Volvo