Volvo's New Diesel Promises to Be Cleaner and More Efficient

For some reason many people still look down upon the diesel engine, citing billowing clouds of black smoke as their reason. However, today's diesels are much cleaner and offer a great amount of efficiency when used properly. Volvo is out to make this message even clearer with the introduction of their newest lineup of diesel engines.

This latest iteration of Volvo's 1.6 liter diesel engine features two new fuel saving technologies. The first of these two technologies has been dubbed "intelligent battery recharging," and only allows the alternator to charge the battery when there is a small load being placed on the engine. While this will preserve only a small amount of energy at a time, it will have a noticeable effect over the span of a tank of fuel.

The second technology is a new pulley system that reduces the overall amount of friction being placed on the alternator and the air conditioning compressor. This will allow more power to go directly to the wheels, which translates to less fuel needed to sustain or reach a specific speed.


Currently, Volvo is rating the new diesel powerplant at just shy of 60 miles per gallon when attached to the manual transmission.