9 Ways To Die By Doughnut With Killer Voodoos

When Voodoo Doughnut casts a spell it's the salacious, salivary kind. So temper this read: what you are about to see may make you uncontrollably crackers for a Voodoo Doughnut... and you'll have to drive to Portland, Oregon to get one!

Voodoo's are not your average doughnut! (Photo: Portland Guidespot)Voodoo's are not your average doughnut! (Photo: Portland Guidespot) Forget about glazed or cake.  They are simply fodder (batter really) for Kenneth "Cat Daddy" Pogson's and Tres Shannon's fantastic doughnut creations, shaped into critters or body parts (!) or traditional rounds with holes in them, but endowed with creamy, crispy, salty, crunchy, gooey, slick, and pillowy textures and tastes that make the old Dunkin's good for just that: dunkin'.

And did I mention that Voodoo Doughnuts are oversized?  Some are as large as a human head! 

Here's just  a small selection of more than 70 Voodoo creations!  We might as well start with Voodoo's mascot, the Voodoo Doll, of course...


Voodoo Killer Doughnut Number 1:  Voodoo Doll Doughnut

Stick a fork in it and you'll see what's inside!


Voodoo Doll DoughnutVoodoo Doll Doughnut



Voodoo Killer Doughnut Number 2:  Portland Creme Doughnut

Some Voodoo Doughnuts may be a bit obscure, like this slightly esoteric character with its tongue sticking out....

How many cities have an official doughnut? Just Boston that I know of... Well, this Portland Creme is the official doughnut of the city of Portland, Oregon, voted as such by the city council!  And it is sticking its tongue out at the Boston Creme!  (Read the story about this rivalry here.)


Voodoo Portland Creme DoughnutVoodoo Portland Creme Doughnut



Voodoo Killer Doughnut Number 3:  Cock-n-Balls Doughnut

Some Voodoo Doughnuts may be considered tasteless by certain members of society, but TASTY nonetheless, as is this Voodoo Cock-n-Balls Doughnut, a favorite bachelorette party treat served in its own pink box!


Voodoo Cock-n-Balls DoughnutVoodoo Cock-n-Balls Doughnut



Voodoo Killer Doughnut Number 4:  Maple Bacon Doughnut

Don't worry, Voodoo has not forgotten your love of BACON!  And what better fit than a maple bar?  Here is the Voodoo Maple Bacon Doughnut, which the Portland's Guidespotter writes, "... tastes like when your maple syrup spills over from your pancakes onto your bacon."


Voodoo Maple Bacon DoughnutVoodoo Maple Bacon Doughnut



Voodoo Killer Doughnut Number 5:  Cap'n Crunch® Doughnut

Another great breakfast doughnut, here's one for kids who skipped breakfast just to eat a Cap'n Crunch® Voodoo Doughnut!  Blood sugar?  Not a problem.  They'll be plenty to go around.




Voodoo Killer Doughnut Number 6:  Fangfastic Doughnut

And for the adult who's skipped breakfast, there's the Voodoo Fangfastic Doughnut to replace the vitamin C from what would have been your orange juice.




Voodoo Killer Doughnut Number 7:  Old Dirty Bastard Doughnut

And for the older folks, Voodoo makes a delightfully disgusting Old Dirty Bastard Doughnut with an obscene, but outrageously delectable, presentation.




Voodoo Killer Doughnut Number 8: The Memphis Mafia Doughnut

You have to love the names of the Voodoo Doughnuts: Here's The Memphis Mafia; you might say it's a big mob of chocolate chips, banana, and peanut butter, on a giant glazed.


Voodoo Memphis Mafia DoughnutVoodoo Memphis Mafia Doughnut



Voodoo Killer Doughnut Number 9:  Vegan Doughnuts

 Are you vegetarian or vegan?  Not to worry.  Voodoo Doughnuts can kill you too... with several flavors!


Voodoo Vegan DoughnutsVoodoo Vegan Doughnuts


Planning a visit to Portland, Oregon in the near future?  I wasn't, but I am now!


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