Vote Fact or Fake? Revolutionary Sports Gear

Anyone involved with extreme sports knows that with the adrenaline rush also comes a serious risk of injury. For this reason these sports also feature some of the most durable protective clothing. Unfortunately, most of the protective gear features rigid elements, reducing both the flexibility and comfort of the wearer.

In a breakthrough involving the usage of a new synthetic material known as d3o, a company called d3o™ lab has partnered with a wide range of athletic gear providers to produce clothing that insures the wearers safety without compromising flexibility.

At the root of these innovative new products is d3o a "specially engineered material made with intelligent molecules. They flow with you as you move but on shock lock together to absorb the impact energy." This allows the creation of safety pads that are flexible when not under duress, while still retaining the safety of normal rigid pads.

The featured image is of a motorcycle race suit made by Japanese Motorcycle Racing brand HYOD using d3o. It was worn by the winner of last summer’s Suzuka 8 hour race, Ryuichi Kyonari from the DREAM Honda Racing team.

If you are interested in the various companies that have begun to incorporate d3o, the d3o lab's site can be found here.

Fact or Fake: d3o lab