Vote Fact or Fake? Sushi Pillows

              A great pillow is simultaneously an attractive decoration and your best friend. Whether it be in front of a guest or in private, a pillow, like a good friend, will never let you down and can even serve to break the ice or lighten a tense atmosphere. Few things in life can rival the dependability of a good pillow, and even fewer provide their companions with such high levels of satisfaction as afforded by a pillow.

The majority of pillows (with the exception of the largely unloved child in the pillow family, the throw pillow) are quite skilled at being soft and comfortable, but few have much to offer in terms of aesthetics.  By doubling as original decorations, sushi pillows set themselves apart from their comfortable brethren.

Best classified as novelty pillows, sushi pillows seek to brighten and add humor to a room or lounge area. They are available in a variety of different types representing some of the most popular sushi dishes in plush form. If sushi pillows look appealing to you, they can be found here

Source: ThinkGeek