Vote For Your Favorites Via Made In America – Hot Product Contest

This contest is all about American innovation and throwing your support behind really cool stuff so that it might be sold in stores, so be a patriot and vote for the best products!

Although the “Made In America – Hot Product Contest” has stopped accepting submissions for novel and new products manufactured in the United States, it’s finally time for everyone to take part in the fun part of the contest: Voting on the greatest goodies!

Do your part to help out the creative and useful treasure trove of unreleased items listed on here by registering, voting on the most worthy creations and leaving invaluable feedback about submission’s design, the price you would expect to pay for it and other constructive tips for the inventors that you support.

The contest will give some sort of award to the winners for the trendsetting participants with the most popular products in addition to the claim that “winners will likely be picked up by various catalog companies or retailing merchants,” along with “some free visibility, and who knows where that could lead!” So if you take a moment to give at least one of the cooler listed inventions a 5-star-high-five, you might be able to see it in a store near you someday.

Do your fellow All-American creative thinkers a favor and sign up to vote on a few of the new goods that catch your eye by clicking HERE. You’ll never get that weird Krampus mask in stores from sea to shining sea unless we all pull together, from the right and left sides of the isle to vote fon it!