Vtech Digicam Lets Kids Put Their Name On The Director's Chair

Vtech knows kids, and they know how to make toys for little ones with sticky fingers, dirty hands and a propensity to drop expensive objects on the ground. So instead of letting kids "borrow" your video camera this Christmas, Vtech has created a safer, kid-friendly option, the Movie Magic Digicam.

The first important thing to know about the Movie Magic Digicam is that in addition to being a video and photo recording device, it is made of durable plastic which has also been rubberized specifically to prevent the effects of things like dropping, shaking, and general abuse.

The Digicam comes with a 1.8" color screen, will take 2 megapixel photos and record VGA movies at 640x480 resolution onto its 256mb of internal memory. An SD card slot is included with the Digicam, but no SD card itself.

Vtech Digicam: making movie magic!Vtech Digicam: making movie magic! 

In addition to anti-shake protection, the Digicam also comes with the ability to edit movies using clip art and face-tracking animations, and also features a 4x optical zoom. The design of the Digicam is simple and straightforward, with a bright orange "OK" button in the middle, easy-to-use controls to change modes on the the side of the camera and a large D-pad in the center for panning and menu navigation. The entire product is brightly colored and designed to withstand the unintentional and sometimes hilarious punishment that kids manage to output onto electronic devices.

Currently ranked #1 in the "electronics for kids" section at Amazon and retailing for on $29.99, this could be just the gift (along with a jaunty beret) for a budding young film director this Christmas.

Source: Vtech 

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