VW Designs A Blend of Performance and Economy

Trying to choose between performance and economy is often times a very hard decision and usually there has to be a compromise between the two. Volkswagen, however, has given us a solution to this dilemma in the form of a performance sedan that has 3 driving modes depending on your preferences.

The Volkswagen CC Eco Performance Concept, introduced a few days ago at the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show in Las Vegas, features a turbocharged 2.0 liter TSI inline four that has 3 different stages that are driver adjustable. Each stage will provide more power, which translates to fewer miles per gallon.

Stage 1, Eco Mode, allows the engine to operate with 222 horsepower and 236 lb-ft and offering up to 33mpg on the highway and 27 in the city. Stage 2, GT Mode, ups the power to 252 horses and 268 lb-ft with a few miles per gallon loss in both departments. In full power mode, all 311 horsepower and 313 lb-ft can reach the pavement.

A well refined interior keeps the occupants comfortable no matter what mode you are driving in, and a sport suspension, custom wheels and performance Brembo brakes keep the CC stuck to the road when you find yourself a nice corner to throttle through.

Sometimes you can eat your cake and have it, too.