VW's New City Transport Cell

City Car Concepts are becoming more and more prevalent, and honestly, they are getting more attention than ever. Volkswagen Designers are hoping to break into this new market with the City Transport Cell (CTC).

The theory behind a city car is relatively simple. They must be small, lightweight and produce little or no emissions. Piece of cake right? Well, the real challenge is designing such a vehicle while still having room for a family or oversized cargo. To accommodate for this, VW engineered the interior so that it can be transformed depending on the needs of the operator. By using the different setups, one can easily move a decent load of groceries, or have a night on the town with a group of friends.

As with most city cars, the CTC included, total travel range is limited. By using electric motors for power and batteries for storage harmful emissions are reduced to almost zero in the long run. However, electricity depletes quickly and unless you have a source to recharge, you will be stuck. Most city cars have a range af between 40 and 60 miles.

Another innovation on the Volkswagen CTC is the "flexible puzzle assembly." Every piece on the exterior can be easily removed to repair/replacement if the need arises. When reassembling, all the pieces snap right back into place. I would assume you could easily change the paint color by using this method as well.

If you plan on looking into one of these for yourself, you have plenty of time to save up. The concept is dated for 2020. I'll still call it an overall success.

Via : Tuvie

Apr 15, 2008
by LoveInventions
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12 years?

It doesn’t sound like their putting much effort into making this a reality, 12 years for a company like Volkswagen. If they were serious about this it would be out a lot sooner.