VW's People's Car Project Ad Campaign Really Gets a Round

Volkswagen gets back to their roots with “The People's Car Project”, an innovative multimedia ad campaign that's turning heads and winning praise in – where else – the People's Republic of China.

VW's name is German for “People's Car”, a concept dating from the early 1930s when Ferdinand Porsche's original Beetle-like design (the KDF-Wagen, right) was approved by Der Fuhrer himself.

At the time, most cars in Germany were expensive luxo-cruisers priced far beyond the reach of regular volks, er, folks. A somewhat similar situation exists in China today, and today's VW sees opportunity knocking on their car doors.

The People's Car Project was created by Weareflink, a German film and design studio in cooperation with Contra Productions China and Georg Warga of the Beijing-based firm Goodstein & Partners/Proxmity.

The intent of the campaign is to impact, inspire and involve China's drivers in formulating their own ideas of what a modern People's Car should be.

The campaign enlists cutting-edge media productions ranging from traditional print media to online webisodes to life-sized concept cars popping up on Chinese streets and auto shows. All of the cars are the same shade of medium blue and all display the VW logo... and little else. Check out one of the promotional videos: 

Of course, the streets of China's bustling megalopolises aren't going to be clogged with millions of bulbous blue balls on wheels, nor will China's ultimate People's Cars be able to morph seamlessly from one shape to another like the evil T-100 from Terminator 2: Judgment Day... well, not for a while at least.

As an advertising concept, however, “The People's Car Project” takes the checkered flag and leaves everything else in its dust.

Interacting with potential customers isn't rocket science, it's common sense that could translate to some uncommon cents at China's burgeoning network of VW dealerships. (via PopSop and China Car Times)

Nov 23, 2011
by Anonymous

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Nov 23, 2011
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Volkswagen's advertising is

Volkswagen's advertising is always way ahead of the competition. They've been the standard in commercials for automobiles for a few years now. At least they have been, in my opinion. I currently drive a Jetta and couldn't be happier