Vye Mini-v S41... Very Little Laptop with Very Big Features

Vye Mini-v S41 Laptop Computer with Super Multi DVD DriveVye Mini-v S41 Laptop Computer with Super Multi DVD Drive


Odd, isn't it... as our laps get larger; laptop computers get smaller. Not so odd is that engineers are cramming more and better hardware into those increasingly small spaces - that's been the trend for a while now. At the leading edge of all these trends you'll find the Vye Mini-v S41 Laptop Computer with Super Multi DVD Drive.

The Mini-v S41 is the latest and greatest design from Vye Computers, a British firm with production facilities in the UK, China and Taiwan. Vye has a curious marketing strategy: certain models are specific to a few select countries.

The new Mini-v S41, for instance, was introduced in Japan and has only lately become available with a US-spec keyboard. "Available" is a relative term, however - Vye markets the Mini-v S41 through an online sales venue called Dynamism. Direct orders are payable by PayPal only, no credit cards are accepted.

Anyway, check out the Mini-v S41's many cool features:

According to Vye, "The Mini-v S41 now offers the convenience of being able to play and burn DVD's or CD's whilst working in the office, school, home or even when you are out and about." Plus, the The Mini-v S41 weighs just 2.7 lbs versus a full 3 lbs for the MacBook Air.

As long as we're showing up the "apple slice", consider also that in addition to the built-in DVD reader/burner, the Mini-v S41's 7-inch touch screen swivels like a tablet PC, while (whilst?) its standard keyboard & trackpad are fully compatible with Windows Vista operations.

So, what's a new Vye Mini-v S41 gonna cost you? A lot less than you might think - just $1499. Consider that the Hello Kitty laptop I recently wrote a post on goes for $1400 and is merely a cute-ified Epson Endeavor NH2100, the Vye Mini-v S41 seems like an exceptional bargain. Even without considering its ability to provoke hyperventilation in MacBook Air owners! (images & info via Dynamism)

May 8, 2008
by Anonymous


Can't really judge the size even though there is a CD in the first pic.. needs to be taken on a table with other stuff..

May 14, 2008
by Anonymous

HittingThe UK Soon

The Vye S41 will be hitting the UK next week and will be available online to buy a few days after!
There will be 2 models available, The S41A (with GPS) and the S41B (with GPS & Digital TV)

Sep 8, 2008
by Anonymous

B version not worth price

The digital TV tuner cannot receive TV with the aerial provided. All it can do is scan the channels and find them but can't actually pick up picture.