Waboba Ball Bounces On Water

With the summer weather becoming hotter by the day, the beach can be a prime solution for those looking to cool off. But don’t bother packing the Frisbee and volleyball as the popularity of the Waboba Ball is growing faster than waves at high tide.

Created by Swedish inventor Jan von Heland, the Waboba Ball has one special feature: being able to bounce on water. Since it’s made of polyurethane and has a lycra coating, the ball has the ability to bounce and float on water. The ball is also made to endure rough handling, but take note that it cannot be used on hard surfaces or it will damage easily.

The purpose of the Waboba Ball is to act like a skipping stone. The easiest way to have fun with the ball is to simply throw it so that it bounces on the water between you and another person. Trying different angles, catching techniques and even bouncing it on waves can also make a game out of it between you and your friends.

Sure tennis balls or other rubber balls can have a similar affect, but the Waboba Ball actually skips on the water at a fast pace. Aside from just being used to have fun, the ball is also recommended as a fitness tool that can sharpen your reflexes and enhance hand-eye coordination. Along with being extremely popular in Australia and Sweden, the company that produces the sporting product is seeking larger markets across the world.

To purchase a Waboba Ball you can visit the company’s official website where you can also find out the official rules for “The Beach Game” and see the product in action!

Jun 17, 2008
by Anonymous


nothing I would want but probably popular.