Wacky Pet Pacifiers Make Both of You Smile

Hey, post this on my FaceBark page!Hey, post this on my FaceBark page!
A pacifier for your pet? That's the idea behind the wacky "Oshaburi Toy" from Japan. Oshaburi translates to "Pacifier" in English, though once your pet gets ahold of one, YOU'LL be the one whose mood is improved!

Bite it... you know you want toBite it... you know you want to
At only 315 Yen (about 3 bucks) each, the Oshaburi Toy seems to be quite the bargain - cheap entertainment at its best! Each of the four different types feature a rounded "nipple" for your canine to sink its canines into (ouch!). Once that happens, he or she will be sporting a new expression that looks to have been inspired by Loony Toons!

A mouthful of, er, mouth...A mouthful of, er, mouth...
The Oshaburi Toy comes in, reading clockwise from the upper left, Lip, Tongue, Teeth and Chicken. Yes, Chicken... for that well-fed, Henry the Eighth look. The "Lip" toy is also distinctive, slightly twisted into an Elvis-like sneer that exposes a very non-Elvis-like fang.

You can buy one, two or heck - all four Oshaburi Toys from Rinkya Stores online and they'll ship them to you direct from Japan for a nominal charge. ( images via Rakuten)

EDITOR'S NOTE: In the U.S., you can find similar Funny Dog Pacifier Chew Toy Lips, Tongue and Grins here.



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