Waffles By Corona-Matic: Don’t Discard That Old Corona Typewriter!

A prototype at the present stage, this innovative idea for breathing new life into useless products by giving them another purpose takes the concept of recycling to the ultimate degree.

How is the Corona-Matic Different From Other Waffle Makers?

CoronaMatic Waffle MakerCoronaMatic Waffle Maker

There are waffle makers and then there are waffle makers. The Corona-Matic Waffle Maker is of the latter category, as it makes waffles in the shape of keyboards, which deviates although only slightly from the appearance of a normal waffle made by a traditional waffle maker. The Corona-Matic represents a tasty way to go sort of green by adapting the use of an obsolete piece of writing equipment and transforming it into a working kitchen appliance that is sure to be a conversation piece.

How do Corona-Matic Waffles Taste?

This is indeed an important question for one can only ponder if the ghosts of thousands of hours of typewriter use from the 1960s and 70s and all that stale coffee and cigarette smoke have left their residue in the ether of the waffle maker’s air. Don’t worry too much about that, however, as the Corona-Matic Waffle Maker cannot be purchased in any store as it is not a real product.

Whose Idea was the Corona-Matic Waffle Maker?

Created by Chris Dimino as part of a group exhibit for the School of Visual Arts that involved modifying useless products by giving them another joi de vivre, the Corona-Matic stands proudly as a new way of thinking about the past and waffles too (whatever that means)

I’d say get one today but it is not yet available at geek-infested malls or mundane department stores. Watch out for the Coorna-Matic’s entrance in the near future though, as it is sure to upstage all waffle makers very soon. Watch out for Chris Dimino and his brilliant recycling designs as well.

Happy waffles and old Corona typewriters!

Jul 22, 2008
by Anonymous

While I love the concept and

While I love the concept and would love to crunch down on a keyboard-shaped waffle at the breakfast table, I have to object to the spin that typewriters are "useless" and "obsolete". Many folks (myself included) still use typewriters daily and find them more efficient and less distracting than computers to write with.

--Alan (anablogger and typecaster)

Aug 3, 2008
by M Dee Dubroff
M Dee Dubroff's picture

typewriters and waffles

Hi there-

You do have a point. One thing about typewriters; you never lose your work like you can on computers.

Thanks for the commentary.

Yours in Words,

M Dee Dubroff